Family Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Individuals, Families
and Caregivers on ConnectABILITY


The individual will be assigned a staff member referred to as a coordinator. The coordinator will work with the individual to develop an Individual Support Plan Agreement and a Self Directed Support Plan.

  • The coordinator will be the individual and/or the family member's contact and go to person.
  • An Individual Support Agreement will outline the specific areas of support as well as any ongoing expenses that need to be paid (for example transportation). This Agreement will be reviewed and signed once a year after it has been explained to the individual, and/or their family.
  • A Self Directed Plan will identify the goals that the individual has and the specific supports needed to meet their goals.
  • The coordinator will spend a great deal of time with the individual when they first begin receiving support. They will ask a lot of questions like: who you are, what you like, what is important to you, what are your goals and what do you need and what do you want to reach your goals. With the individual's consent, the coordinator may also talk with their family and friends and other people who know them best and will use this information in assist in building a Support Plan.
  • The coordinator will assist the individual, and/or their family member, in establishing the most effective way of communication with everyone.
  • The individual and/or their family member will be provided with opportunity to participate in educational and training activities such as:
    • Orientation of the agency's mission statement and values
    • Abuse Prevention and Reporting,
    • Complaint Process and Concern Line
    • Individual's rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Canada
    • Individual's rights and responsibilities when receiving service and supports from Community Living Haldimand
    • Health Lifestyles and relationships
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