The Jennie Deagle Dream Fund

The Jennie Deagle Dream Fund was created to honour Jennie Deagle’s outstanding contributions to Community Living Haldimand.

For more than fifty years, Jennie was instrumental in creating a firm foundation for growth and continued success for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. She envisioned meaningful lives where voices are heard, choices are unlimited, and community involvement occurs naturally. Jennie's Dreamers are living legacies to this remarkable lady as they work to transform their wishes into realities.

For more details on donation information or application criteria, please contact us.

Congratulations to our 2023 Dreamers!

  • John Anderson
  • David Baird
  • Rob Bassindale
  • Mike Carnes
  • Gage Gillard
  • Ronda Henderson
  • Natalie Lindemann
  • Brooke Mehlenbacher
  • Glen Smith
  • Lori Woodham
  • Cindy Zintel
  • Krista Zintel

The committee wishes to thank everyone who chose to apply and all of the individuals who supported the completion of the application and interview process.

Applications for 2024 are now closed

Thank you to all who submitted an application. We will provide updates about the winners soon.

The Fund is open to individuals supported by Community Living Haldimand in Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services funded services.

2022 Jennie's Dreamers

This year, seven individuals were honoured to become the newest Jennie's Dreamers.
Here are some of their stories.

Natahsa Tryniszewski

Hello, my name is Natahsa Tryniszewski and I am a 2022 Jennie Deagle Dreamer. My dream was to have a new patio table and umbrella, so I could enjoy my meals outside with my housemates, and have place outside to look at my magazines and enjoy the sunshine. I received a new patio set and umbrella from the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund. My dream benefits me because, I'm now able to enjoy meal time with housemates and have a shady spot to sit on summer days. Thank you again for making my dream come true.

John Crawley

Enjoying the outdoors and the elements is my favourite place to be whether a warm day or a cooler one as long as there is sunshine I’m outside.

So this new umbrella to provide me shade in my front yard and relax in my glider chair so I can enjoy my community street and the weather this is my ultimate pleasure.

Thank you to the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund for assisting me with this to make my front yard more comfortable.

Much appreciated!

- John Crawley

Carlee Scott

Be A Princess... Believe in Fairy Tales
Sing and Dance
Wear a Tiara
Use your Imagination
Believe in True Love
Be Brave, Be Sweet, Be Kind
Make Memories
Have a Tea Party
Play Dress Up
Make Friends With Fairies
Chase Rainbows

I love to spend time in my room creating art and drawing princesses and believing that dreams come true and having my own oasis of a Princess room helps me create that place to be my own real Princess.

Thank you for helping me create my Princess oasis-I love it!

- Carlee Scott

Luke Deagle

Hi, my name is Luke and I am a 2022 Jeannie Deagle Dreamer. My dream was to build an outdoor oasis and I received patio furniture from the Jeannie Deagle fund! It has been so great for my mental health being outside with nature and the birds and having my own little space to feel calm and relax. I have my coffee out there every morning. 

Thank you so much for making my dream come true. 

- Luke

Joe Stymeist

Hello, my name is Joe Stymeist and I am a 2022 Jennie Deagle Dreamer. My dream was to have a new gaming chair that is comfortable with Bluetooth.

I received a black and red gaming chair with Bluetooth from the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund.
My dream benefits me because the chair is comfortable for me to sit in while I play my game for a long time.
Having my dream come true allows me to play my game and listen to music without headphones.
I have the Bluetooth hooked up to my computer and my tablet (for music), it plays louder than my google speaker.
I assembled the chair on my own and hooked up the Bluetooth to my devices on my own.

Emily Fess

Emily’s dream was to take driving lessons so that she can get her drivers licenses.

This was submitted by Emily’s coordinator: Emily said these lessons will help her to be more confident to go get her license and that will give her more independence.

Trudy Schaeffer

Trudy’s dream was to receive a photo for her wall of Elephants (specifically a mom and baby).

Trudy would like to say Thank you l, she is looking at it every day. Trudy says looking at the picture makes her smile to see the baby and mommy elephant!

Jason Allen

I am Jason Allen and I am a 2022 Jennie Deagle Dreamer!! Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream of owning my own patio swing! The dream of owning a patio swing was to allow me to have a comfy place to cool down and hangout after doing some of my outdoor activities! I received a beautiful black patio swing from the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund. My dream benefits me because it allows me my own space to relax during the warmer months. Thank you for helping my dream come true !! Much appreciated!!

Adam Foresi

My dream was to get new furniture and I received a new sectional couch and coffee table from the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund. My dream benefits me because I get to have a couch that is mine, I get to own my own furniture . Having my dream come true means I can chase more dreams.

Both Clifford (the big red dog) and I thank you!

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