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Since 1959, Community Living Haldimand has supported adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to become more involved in their community.

Our services include supportive housing, employment, and community involvement.

Community Living Haldimand supports more than 170 people throughout Haldimand County. We employ more than 150 people and are governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors.

CLH has an annual budget of approximately $9 million – almost $8 million is provided by the Province of Ontario, and the rest comes mainly from donations, fundraising, and participation fees.

What is a Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is a non-profit group made up of volunteer directors acting as the organization's governing body.

The Board focuses on developing and overseeing the strategic plan and setting the organization's direction. They provide oversight and accountability to the province and the community. The Board makes high-level decisions that address the organization's mission, values, and goals. The employees manage the day-to-day operations.

What does the Board of Directors do?

  1. Meets monthly – a minimum of eight (8) times a year
  2. Represents the organization in the community and with stakeholders
  3. Advocates for the organization and the people it supports
  4. Reviews and approves reports made to the province and the public 
  5. Regularly reviews the financial position and viability of the organization
  6. Participates in fundraising and awareness events 
  7. Stays informed of trends in the field of developmental disabilities
  8. Works with employees of the organization to establish Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Directions
  9. Oversees compliance with provincial regulations and accrediting body requirements
  10. Establishes governance policies
  11. Hires and supervises the organization's CEO

Why serve on a Board of Directors?

  1. To make our community a better place
  2. To meet interesting people
  3. To expand your professional and social networks
  4. To grow and sharpen your skillsets
  5. Plus, it's rewarding!

What you bring as a Board Member:

  1. Knowledge about the community
  2. Interest in helping people with a developmental disability
  3. A forward-thinking attitude
  4. Expertise, understanding, and enthusiasm

What you can expect from Community Living Haldimand:

  1. Orientation, information, and support to be an effective Board Member
  2. Opportunities to attend training and information sessions

Board Members:

  1. Agree to further the mandate of the organization
  2. Must be at least 18 years old
  3. Agree to follow the policies, bylaws, and letters patent of Community Living Haldimand
  4. Are not current employees or their immediate family member

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there specific skills required?

A. CLH has developed a skills inventory and looks for people who possess experience in any of the following:

  • communication and marketing
  • community engagement
  • construction
  • education
  • emergency preparedness
  • event planning
  • fundraising
  • finance
  • health services
  • HR
  • Information technology
  • legal
  • lived experience

Q. How long is the term?

A. Terms are two (2) years. Board members can complete four (4) consecutive terms for a total of eight (8) years. Under special circumstances, a Director may be asked to remain on the Board for two (2) additional terms for a maximum of twelve (12) years.

Q. What is the Time Commitment?

A. The Board of Directors Meets monthly, typically the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The Board of Directors will meet a minimum of 8 times per year, and does not typically meet in July or August. Attendance can be in-person or virtual. Information packages are available for Board members in advance of the meeting and require 30 – 60 minutes to review in advance of the meeting.
Board members are expected to attend events planned/organized or in support of Community Living Haldimand. The time commitment varies and can be up to several hours in a year. Board members are required to participate on one working committee of the Board. The committee time required will be one hour per month, averaged annually. Board members will be offered opportunities to attend conferences or meetings for educational, interest, or advocacy purposes.

Q. Are Board Members paid?

A. Board members volunteer their time. Community Living Haldimand will reimburse expenses associated with participation.

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?

For more information, contact us at 905.772.3344 ext. 0, or

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