Contact Us

Central Admin Office

Jennie Deagle Complex
2256 River Road
Box 396
Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

For more information please call
905-772-3344 ext. 0

Dunnville Office

110 Ramsey Dr
Dunnville, ON N1A 1K8

Office Hours: By Appointment
Monday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm

For more information please call
905-774-7323 ext. 0

Complaints and Concerns for People Supported

If you are someone supported by Community Living Haldimand or a family member/guardian and you have a complaint or concern you wish to express about the agency or the services you received, please click on the links below for information on how to contact us.  We want you to tell us if there is something we can do better to assist you.

Staff Directory

Bob Butella
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 222

Ken Edwards
Director of Corporate Services

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 223

Terry Dalimonte
Director of Services and Community Development

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 261

Lori King
Manager of Residential Services

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 227

Kricia Gitta
Manager of Community Services

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 263

Sue Bontaine
Human Resources/Office Manager

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 225

Melanie Lehman
Supervisor Dunnville Residential

Phone: 905-772-3639 Ext. 228

Tammy Hartsell
Supervisor Dunnville Residential

Phone: 905-774-7323 Ext. 326

Joanne Arnold
Supervisor Cayuga Residential

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 235

Cathy Amme
Supervisor Cayuga Residential

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 280

Suzanne Kinzel
Supervisor Cayuga & Dunnville Residential

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 282

Maryanne Karnes
Supervisor Hagersville Residential / Hagersville & Cayuga SIL

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 291

Bonnie Nolan
Supervisor CPS / Passport Program

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 282

Liz Catherwood

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 232

Jennifer Thompson
Accounting Clerk

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 226

Patricia Boulton
Operations Assistant

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 260

Nancy Bosch
Office Assistant

Phone: 905-772-3344 Ext. 100

Board of Directors

Heather Furtney
Scott Miller
Former President
Kim Brooks
Kathie Fenton
Julia Knijnenburg
Crystal Silverthorne
Ken Parr
Sherry Gifford
Kim Brooks
Deanna Schaus
Sheri Lafleur
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