Donations are applied toward items, activities, and programs not funded by our funder. You can select one of the following designations for your donation:

Jennie Deagle Dream Fund

The Jennie Deagle Dream Fund celebrates Jennie’s pioneering spirit and determination. The fund was created in 2018 and will offer opportunities to individuals to fulfill lifelong dreams that would otherwise be unattainable by recognizing Jennie’s legacy to CLH, which began on behalf of her son, Jim.

Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen is a concept originally developed in Holland, designed to provide people who have sensory and developmental challenges with a dynamic relaxation and leisure facility. The Snoezelen Room is an environment in which the primary senses are stimulated by wonderful combinations of music, lighting effects, gentle vibrations, tactile sensations and aromatherapy. The atmosphere helps in reducing fear, anxieties, repetitive behavior, self-abusive behavior and aggressive behavior.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. The purpose of assistive technology is to allow people with disabilities to “participate more fully in all aspects of life, at home and in the community” and increases their opportunities for education, social interactions, and potential meaningful employment. It creates greater independence and control for disabled individuals.

Summer Camp

Funds donated to summer camp allow our supports to attend a local camp to partake in summer fun! This is an opportunity for supports to connect with others, build relationships and experience nature. Campers enjoy campfires, swimming, walks, meals, dances and sometimes field trips to local events (e.g. Blue Jays game, dog show etc.)


General donations will be utilized for items and services that are not funded by the ministry. This includes wheelchair accessible vehicles and other vehicles required for transport, assisting with the purchase of assistive devices and/or equipment to support a persons increased mobility, repairs and maintenance of residences, Empowering Voices – self-advocates group etc.
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