Memo COVID-19

To: All CLH Employees

From: Susan Wavell, Executive Director

We are finding ourselves in a very challenging and difficult time, one we have never experienced before, and the employees of Community Living Haldimand are doing amazing work! Your dedication to the people we support shines through as you continue to use new and innovative ways to ensure that people have the supports they need to adjust to changes affecting their daily routines.

We are all working together, and it will take all of us to get through this. We value your questions and ideas and encourage you to share them. Your leadership team including Supervisors, Managers and Directors are working tirelessly as well to ensure staffing and supports are in place and to enable you to work as safely as possible by sourcing PPE equipment and putting stringent protocols in place.

We recognize the struggle employees are experiencing during this challenging time. We appreciate all your efforts, and your dedication to the people we support.

We have been waiting for direction from the Ministry on allowable financial contributions to employees to recognize your significant contribution to keeping supports in place for people supported, in these unprecedented times. In the interim Community Living Haldimand is examining means to provide our employees with financial recognition. We are currently working on a plan and will share the plan with you as soon as it is complete.

Numerous communications have been sent out over the last two weeks to keep you as informed as possible while we closely monitor the changing situation throughout Canada and the world. Please refer to the ‘Sharepoint’ home page COVID-19 Quick Link for updates and your Team sites tor new information.

I want you to know that I constantly think of you and your families and the pressures you are experiencing during this challenging time, and I recognize and want to thank each of you for the dedication you are demonstrating to ensure the people we support have the supports they need. This is an overwhelming and anxiety driven situation. Please recognize this in yourselves and co-workers and take time to reach out and be kind.

We will be setting up opportunities for debriefing for individuals and teams and I encourage you to reach out to your Supervisor, On-Call or any member of the management team anytime you have concerns or questions.

Together we will manage this challenge. Thank you for everything you have done already and will do to see this through.

Susan Wavell, Executive Director
Community Living Haldimand

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